In Garza County, sturdy winds with gusts close to hurricane power of 75 miles per hour knocked over energy lines and ignited fires. Strong winds knocked out energy for many individuals and caused roof harm to some homes. The size of the haboob was fairly massive, which the National Weather service in comparison with regarding a picture taken again in 1935 in the course of the top of the dust bowl in Stratford, Texas. The following part will give a brief background on haboob analysis. Section three will describe the Lubbock, TX, haboob from the authors’ eyewitness account.

And just be sure you have plenty of bottled water available too. The footage show the clearly outlined fringe of the storm coming in. That edge is how you differentiate a haboob from a dust storm . The National Weather Service reported a wind gust at sixty one miles per hour south of Wolfforth as the wind storm hit Lubbock.

Section four will talk about methodology and data, focusing on the NEXRAD network and the usage of polarimetric data products to establish the dust component of a haboob. Section 6—the conclusion—will shed light on the questions posed above. Global mud storms on Mars have been compared to haboobs on Earth.


These storms have played an important role in our lives both historically and in the current. During the 1930s, the western elements of Texas and Oklahoma had been known as “the Dust Bowl.” Dust storms pounded the area destroying crops, livestock, and lots of lives and properties. Today, in the identical area, as in the Thirties, extreme drought is in evidence and though planting practices have improved since then in order that the soil is considerably more secure, mud storms still impact the area. Officially the Lubbock Airport reported a peak wind gust of forty seven mph together with 1/4 mile visibility as the haboob moved through. Thankfully, the thick dust did not last long, as the thunderstorms that generated the strong outflow winds brought a period of moderate to heavy rain.

  • Winds gusted as much as 60 miles per hour based on the National Weather Service.
  • The map shows the route that the creator took going from just south of Tucumcari NM to Lubbock TX. The letters a–f refer to Figure 2.
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  • Viewers have compared Monday’s haboob to one in 2011, they’re similar aside from one main detail.

The first was to evaluate the storm that was viewed on June 5, 2013, and decide that what was seen was, in reality, a haboob. Given the success of the primary task, the second task was to evaluate the NEXRAD radar information products to see whether or not a signature or mixture of signatures might be interpreted as identifying the storm as a haboob. The wall of mud out ahead of the thunderstorms made for an ominous sight as it approached. The visibility dropped to close zero in spots because the haboob moved through, which created harmful journey.

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Strong winds, gusting from forty five to 60+ mph, pushed out ahead of the line of storms. These winds have been enough to make the storms severe, but more spectacular was the mud that the winds lofted. A wall of wind and dirt, within the form of a haboob, rolled across the central and japanese South Plains and right off the Caprock.

haboob lubbock

They can even strategy a metropolis, similar to Lubbock, with little-to-no warning. In preparation for such an incidence , eye and respiratory system safety are recommended. Video of yesterday’s haboob in Lubbock was captured by NWSLubbock and is on the market for viewing beneath.

This info is shared with social media, sponsorship, analytics, and other distributors or service suppliers. AccuWeather has everything you have to know concerning the weather phenomenon often known as a haboob. NWS evaluating the haboob in Lubbock, Texas to the haboob during the Dust Bowl again in 1935. We are a pure-play, indie web and mobile information platform with an area viewers larger than all the San Angelo TV stations, radio stations, and newspaper mixed.

Huge Mud Storm Rolls Across Lubbock

But although both gust fronts are evident, their signatures are barely different from each other. The northern gust entrance shows high values roughly evenly distributed whereas the gust entrance advancing earlier than the thunderstorm, which we witnessed as being comprised of sand, dust, and dirt, shows mixed values. It is unclear at this point if the ZDR sign signifies anything specific to the haboob. The solely possible assertion one may make is that the northern gust front may be with little or no sand, mud, or dust and therefore merely a gust front.

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